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Baby Items

Baby Items
This is what we really need for our pregnant and new mothers.
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The A Kit Product For All contains the following items:

  • 12" (30cm) Ruler w/ Handle Grip (1 count)
  • 12" Translucent Rulers - Assorted Colors
  • 16" Backpack
  • 16-Pack Crayons - Assorted Colors
Quantity Needed : 7

The Test Kit 2 contains the following items:

  • 2 Liter (67.59 fl oz) Advanced Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E, Original Scent, Pump Bottle
  • 2 Liter (67.59 fl oz) Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer, Pump Bottle
Quantity Needed : 19
Top Needs
Marijuana: One Man's Mystique Another Man's Truth
Quantity Needed : 49

The Test Kit 1 contains the following items:

  • Blue Composition Book, 100 Sheets, College Ruled
  • #2 Wood Pencils 24ct
  • $25 Target Gift Card
Quantity Needed : 9